Two sides of the lake - Carl Roessler

Soaring above the Lake

Everybody knows by now that I love to fly above bodies of water surrounded by desert. This is no exception. The contrast in the colors is striking, and each lake has unique coastlines, bays and islands. After recent violent storms and rain, I have recently enjoyed days that were clear, scrubbed of windblown dust.  I make the most of them and soar out over my subjects to give viewers what I call 'the view the eagles see.'. Sometimes boaters come out and provide action for me, and on rare occasions there are a few stragglers enjoying the beach along the shore. On nearly-deserted days like these, I can put the drone up and not have it bother anyone. Since after a while any lake is just a lake, I used boats and beachgoers wherever I could find them to add a human dimension to the videos.